'Summer of Sun' Preview

Our Spring/Summer '18 collection is inspired by the Californian dream: nature, wanderlust and endless summer nights. Musings about life and love, lazy days spent in the surf, good company, taking the scenic routes, and those long road-trips to nowhere in particular. Being in nature, immersing in experiences, and building memories that will truly last a lifetime.
Take a piece of summer wherever you go and allow our collection to go on a journey with you, creating a lifetime of memories, one sunset at a time.

Alina wears the Make Your Own Spencer Boater, with Yellow Gingham. Zoi wears the Palm Canyon hat, handcrafted by artisans in Dominican Republic

Zoi wears the Ivory Rancher

Cora wears the Riviera Cap - Black

Alina wears the Dunes Cap in Nude 

Alina wears The Ventura & Zoi wears the Make Your Own Spencer Boater with Denim

Zoi wears the Midnight Mack

Alina wears the Caribbean Crush

Alina wears the Lola Cap - Pink, Cora wears The Sierra , Zoi wears the Ivory Rancher

Zoi wears the Palma Wide Fedora, Cora wears the Lola Cap - Taupe