• 'Cowboy' - 2022

    'Cowboy' - 2022

    Saddle up and stare down the dusty path, our limited edition Cowboy Collection has arrived. Inspired by the classic Westerns of the 1950s, and featuring nine new handmade styles, each piece is unique in its own w...
  • 'Sun to Sea' - 2022

    'Sun to Sea' - 2022

    From dusk till dawn and minute to moment, balmy days blend with sunkissed skin. The allure of the unknown right at your finge...
  • 'Tweed' - 2022

    'Tweed' - 2022

    Transport yourself to another time and place with this enduring classic. Yours to covet today, tomorrow, and beyond...
  • 2021

    'Horizons' - 2021

    Beyond the sun, sky and stars above, we’re dreaming of the promise of tomorrow. Featuring a range of new styles and fabrics, the Horizons collection channels endless summer adventures, salty air and brighter days to come.
  • 'Illusion' - 2021

    'Illusion' - 2021

    Life’s joys and pleasures are more than just a faraway illusion… what will you see next?
  • 'The Bucket Capsule' - 2021

    'The Bucket Capsule' - 2021

    Embracing the warmth of summer and cosiness of winter, our new Bucket Capsule collection celebrates the best of every season.   Lazy days by the beach and long walks under the setting sun are made all the more special by an array of Hawaiian and ...
  • 'Utopia' - 2020

    'Utopia' - 2020

    Close your eyes and cast your imagination to someplace a little more than out there. A world off the beaten track, a beautiful chaos, an abstract escape. Forget the now and let your mind and spirit run free. Shot on location by Jason Lee Parry in ...