• 'Tropics' - 2020

    'Tropics' - 2020

    Soft morning light, salty skin and the scent of a far-reaching beach breeze... From muted tones to candy-coloured shades of aqua blue and pastel peach, Lack of Color presents their new collection, Tropics. Captured on location on a faraway is...
  • 'Revolution' - 2019

    'Revolution' - 2019

  • 'Sunbathing in Arizona' - Summer 2019

    'Sunbathing in Arizona' - Summer 2019

    Easy days, warm nights and the freedom of exploration. Lack of Color returns with the Sunbathing in Arizona collection – a spirited foray into the unspoiled splendour of the great outdoors.   Embracing the simplicity and power of neutral hues acro...
  • 'SENSATIONS' - 2018

    'SENSATIONS' - 2018

    Inspired by the effortless and carefree edginess of the 90s, our new Sensations collection features neutral tones and a multitude of new fabrications and designs. Sensations was brought to life in the renowned Sheats-Goldstein Residence, designed ...


    Our Spring/Summer ‘18 collection, Summer of Sun is inspired by the Californian dream: nature, wanderlust and endless summer nights. Musings about life and love, lazy days spent in the surf, good company, taking the scenic routes, and those long ro...
  • ‘CANYONS’ – SUMMER ’17

    ‘CANYONS’ – SUMMER ’17

    Transport yourself back in time, to a carefree day spent lazing around the pool, under the Summer sun. It’s a sun-soaked Californian day, with a wardrobe that echoes a past golden era. The colours of the canyons coming to life as you watch over th...
  • ‘Remember When’ – 2016

    ‘Remember When’ – 2016